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Canada legalises recreational cannabis use
Wed, 20 Jun 2018 01:02:53 GMT
The country is the first in the G7 group of nations to legalise the drug's recreational use.

US quits 'biased' UN human rights council
Wed, 20 Jun 2018 00:36:18 GMT
The US envoy to the UN called the 47-member council "hypocritical and self-serving".

Boris Becker 'CAR diplomatic immunity' claim descends into confusion
Tue, 19 Jun 2018 17:11:17 GMT
A Central African Republic official says a passport issued to the former tennis star is fake.

Trump defends separating immigrant families amid outcry
Tue, 19 Jun 2018 21:05:01 GMT
The US president claimed that separating families was "the only solution" to end illegal immigration.

Dutch Queen Máxima pays emotional tribute to dead sister Inés
Tue, 19 Jun 2018 16:35:14 GMT
It is Queen Máxima's first public appearance since Inés Zorreguieta died earlier this month.

Italian populist Salvini sparks row over counting Roma
Tue, 19 Jun 2018 20:48:28 GMT
Matteo Salvini calls for a census of the Roma community but government allies say it is illegal.

Trump tariffs: Markets fall as trade war fears mount
Tue, 19 Jun 2018 20:23:54 GMT
Stocks continue to slide as investors are rattled by the escalation of the US-China trade dispute.

XXXTentacion: Controversial rapper shot dead in Florida aged 20
Tue, 19 Jun 2018 20:33:17 GMT
The controversial rapper, a rising star who faced domestic violence charges, has been killed aged 20.

Yemen war: Pro-government forces 'storm Hudaydah airport'
Tue, 19 Jun 2018 13:44:12 GMT
The airport was the first objective in the Red Sea city of the government and its Gulf backers.

Convicted US felon arrested with more than 500 guns in California home
Tue, 19 Jun 2018 14:19:38 GMT
Sheriff's deputies seize rifles, shotguns and pistols during a two-day search of the suspect's home.

India Kashmir: BJP pulls out of controversial alliance
Tue, 19 Jun 2018 11:55:44 GMT
The BJP says increasing violence in the region has made the coalition untenable.

Wolves in France: Farmers fear attacks
Tue, 19 Jun 2018 23:03:28 GMT
One mayor says children under 10 years old should not walk alone, in case of an attack.

Mo Salah and the Chechen strongman
Tue, 19 Jun 2018 23:02:43 GMT
Chechen leader, Ramzan Kadyrov, has hit back at claims he used football star Mo Salah for political propaganda.

Yemen conflict: what you need to know
Tue, 19 Jun 2018 23:01:54 GMT
The conflict in Yemen has been raging for years - but what is it all about?

Battle of the football fans: Iceland v Mexico
Tue, 19 Jun 2018 23:44:26 GMT
How do some of the most colourful fans support their teams at the World Cup?

Dutch Queen pays tribute to dead sister
Tue, 19 Jun 2018 18:26:56 GMT
Queen Máxima of the Netherlands has spoken in public for the first time of the loss of her younger sister, Inés Zorreguieta, who died this month.

Macron tells teen to call him 'Mr President'
Tue, 19 Jun 2018 01:08:09 GMT
The French president was meeting young people when one student called him something he didn't like.

US child migrants recorded crying
Mon, 18 Jun 2018 23:05:16 GMT
In audio reportedly from inside a US border facility children can be heard crying as an agent jokes.

Rats blamed for shredded banknotes inside Indian ATM
Tue, 19 Jun 2018 21:27:24 GMT
Engineers called to mend a bank machine in Assam found cash worth more than 1.2m rupees destroyed.

Paraguay man surprises family at his own wake
Tue, 19 Jun 2018 15:14:36 GMT
Juan Ramón Alfonso Penayo returns home to find his family mourning a burnt body they thought was him.

Japanese firm makes suits for blue collar workers
Tue, 19 Jun 2018 11:23:54 GMT
A Tokyo firm has created a line of business attire that's best suited for the nation's blue-collar workers.

Finland's capital gives away its old trams
Mon, 18 Jun 2018 10:50:37 GMT
The city wants rid of its antiquated trams, but getting hold of one comes with strings attached.

Chinese house demolition halted because of swallow residents
Fri, 08 Jun 2018 10:05:02 GMT
Feathered residents have given an old Chinese house a stay of execution.

Why are people sharing this photo?
Tue, 19 Jun 2018 14:21:51 GMT
A family portrait celebrating mixed heritage has been widely shared online and has prompted others to tell their similar stories.

In pictures: Driving lessons for Saudi women
Tue, 19 Jun 2018 17:05:48 GMT
Images from a driving centre in Dhahran, where women are preparing for the ban's end on 24 June.

XXXTentacion: The troubled talent of a volatile rap star
Tue, 19 Jun 2018 13:20:48 GMT
The controversial rapper has been shot dead in Florida at the age of 20.

A battle to save Indonesia's orangutans
Tue, 19 Jun 2018 00:59:00 GMT
Borneo is one of the most bio-diverse places on the planet - but orangutans are coming under threat.

How trying to stay cool could make the world even hotter
Mon, 18 Jun 2018 23:01:20 GMT
As demand for air conditioning goes through the roof, what are the implications for our planet?

Does Iran hold key to Dutch murder mystery?
Mon, 18 Jun 2018 23:48:01 GMT
Neither the Iranian nor Dutch authorities are commenting on claims that Iran could have been behind the 2015 killing near Amsterdam.

Immigration rows: US and Germany compared
Mon, 18 Jun 2018 19:14:02 GMT
Mr Trump called out Germany's immigration stance to defend his own - what's happening there and in US?

Is this Angela Merkel's moment of reckoning?
Mon, 18 Jun 2018 12:58:36 GMT
How a row with a coalition partner has left the German chancellor fighting for her political life.

The man who went to the North Korean place that 'doesn't exist'
Sun, 17 Jun 2018 23:32:05 GMT
One US citizen warns of the consequences of a visit to a forbidden area in North Korea.

Trump migrant separation policy: Children 'in cages' in Texas
Mon, 18 Jun 2018 11:47:57 GMT
Reporters who visited a migrant detention centre in Texas say they saw 20 children in one enclosure.

World Cup 2018: Romelu Lukaku says some Belgians 'want to see me fail'
Mon, 18 Jun 2018 17:34:24 GMT
Belgium striker Romelu Lukaku says he will "remember to have fun" at the World Cup but says some of his compatriots want him to fail.

Reality Check: The numbers behind the crackdown in Turkey
Mon, 18 Jun 2018 11:28:56 GMT
As elections take place two years after a failed coup in Turkey, how many people are in prison and how many have lost their jobs?

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